effie bowen's practice responds to human culture through playful attention and strategies of embodiment. Invested in criticality, experimentation, and intuition as creative tools, the works arise as antidotes to or disruptions of normative systems. Current interests include decomposition, attention economics, and the rave.



effie is a 2022 OxBow resident and has shown work at Movement Research Judson Church, Gibney Dance, chashama, Motherbox Gallery, Baby Company, and the Knockdown Center. effie performs with/for Deville Cohen, Ryan McNamara, Jen Rosenblit, and Narcissister and is a teen mentor at Insight Meditation Society.

EFFIEBONE has costumed for Laurel Atwell, Colin Self, Ethan Philbrick and had pop-ups at Otherwild, Lil Debs Oasis, Casco Art Institute : Working for the Commons, Casual Art Fair, and more